Political action, 2015

In the spirit of plurality and religious liberty, The Satanic Temple of Detroit attended a “Religious Liberty Rally” organized by an Evangelical group at the Michigan state Capitol. The temple's attendance and support was intended to demonstrate that religious liberty is religious plurality - and not exclusively defined in terms of Christian rights and privileges.   The rally was organized by Salt and Light Global featuring speeches from several legislators and pastors seeking support for a resolution to overturnObergefell v. Hodges, the Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.  Julea Ward, the event's featured speaker, was met with roaring applause for her stand against Eastern Michigan University where she was expelled from her graduate program in counseling for refusing to meet with gay students due to her religious beliefs.   Following a call for "radical Christianity," from the Capitol steps, GOP Senator Patrick Colbeck and Sean Bertolino, the capitol area chairman for the Cruz campaign made a point to shake hands with members of the Temple.