Digital media action, 2013

You and I are witness to the dawn of a new reality.   For the first time in the history of humanity we are observing a radical transmutation in the ways in which we experience existence.  The Digital Revolution, defined by the modern achievements in technology and development of the global information society, has dramatically transformed the way in which humanity functions. Each of us has experienced the effects of these changes and many have happily adapted to the new order as advocates of the improved life. The boundaries between the real and imagined are becoming increasingly blurred.  The Internet is becoming invisible, soon conception of life before its existence will seem unfathomable.  Its associated instruments are rapidly being absorbed as a member of our bodily appendages, a resource that we are not only inseparable from but also need in order to function.  Not only are our friends, our communities, and our selves defined by the virtual, but we are obligated to participate.  To voluntarily remove oneself from the virtual social world is to commit suicide, to be forgotten, faceless, nameless, without an identity or a community.  

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