Political Performance, 2019

Throughout the live stream of the 2019 March for Life program, Jex Blackmore streamed a live video of her own as she was pummeled with rotten fruit - an illustration of how it feels to be a woman who's told by political powers that her life and dignity matter less than that of a fetus, that her body is merely an incubator, and that she is a murderer for terminating her pregnancy. There’s endless talk from the anti-abortion movement about the pain, suffering, and injustice served to the “unborn,” but not a word about the experience of people with a uterus. The injustice of a broken reproductive healthcare system deserves to be heard and felt.

President Trump made a special statement during the rally in which he said “This is a movement founded on love and grounded in the nobility and dignity of every human life.”

This statement was released prior to the video:


The “pro-life” movement is not about valuing and protecting life.
If so, they would be on the frontlines of every issue which threatens human life.

The “pro-life” movement is not actually interested in ending abortion.
If so, they would support policies to end unplanned pregnancies such as access to contraception and comprehensive sex education.

To be clear - the March for Life is a PRO-BIRTH event, fueled by the Catholic and Evangelical Church.

The politicians who support the movement do so not in the interest of the people, but in the interest of their political careers.

The anti-abortion movement is about POWER.

When anti-abortion proponents tell us that they value life -
they are telling us that the lives of women are secondary to that of a fetus.

When anti-abortion proponents tell us that a fetus is a “person” -
they create a chilling memorandum on the value of women as less than people.

When anti-abortion proponents tell us that they “speak for the voiceless” -
they erase the voices of women.

When anti-abortion proponents tell us that abortion is murder -
they are telling us that WE are murderers.

We do not believe that motherhood is our highest aspiration.
We do not believe that sex is sacred and intended only for procreation.

This is a religious attack on our bodies and our agency.

Every rallying cry, every speech, and every prayer uttered during the March for Life is an attempt to shame and degrade us.

Photographs by Matt Anderson.