He who desires, but acts not, breeds pestilence.


Jex Blackmore is an interdisciplinary artist and activist as well as a national spokesperson for The Satanic Temple and director of the organization’s largest chapter located in Detroit, MI.  Her work focuses on the relationship between moral religious rhetoric, sexuality and political policy.  She has been featured in numerous publications such as TIME magazine, Vanity Fair, Washington Post, NPR, Cosmopolitan, and Salon. In 2015, she organized the largest Satanic gathering in history to unveil The Satanic Temple’s Baphoment monument, which was featured on CNN’s This is Life with Lisa Ling.  Her reproductive healthcare advocacy has ranged from disrupting anti-choice demonstrations using gallons of milk and writing about her personal abortion experience in the viral blog entitled, “Unmother”.  

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November 1-5, 2017
Steemfest - Guest Speaker
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"Inciting Subversion of State Power "

The types of media prevalent during different points in history incentivize comparable forms of public spectacle and radical action.  However, the culture of resistance often struggles to catch-up with innovations in digital technology,  experimenting with forms of interaction for maximum impact with varying degrees of success. While the ways in which we communicate, listen, and organize both online and off, are rapidly changing the greatest innovators are often in marketing - not as . Social relationships are now objectified through digital commodities, communicative capitalism undermines traditional political strategies and all of this presents an opportunity for exploitation.  From a practical standpoint, what are the relationships between technology, civic associations, and power?  What are the limitations of emerging technological platforms, and what advantages do these deficiencies present? Delving into actions by The Satanic Temple and other political actors, Blackmore will explore the ways in which we can leverage, innovate, adapt and distort states of reality in the digital era as a means of subversion.     



06.22.17       Talk - "Ritualized Resistance" @ The Satanic Temple Headquarters, Salem, MA

At it’s core, non-theistic Satanism celebrates the individual, while the Satanic figure serves as a model of agency in opposition to arbitrary authority. In this way, socio-political resistance can be practiced as a form of Satanic worship: one which both exemplifies reverence of the Satanic ideal and empowers individual participants, creating a transformative, psychological event. We will discuss the nature of ritual and Satanic ritual practice within the context of this contemporary moment.

04.28.17       Guest Speaker @ Flambeau Noir International Left Hand Path Conference, Ottawa, ON

04.22.16         Talk - "Satanic Feminism as Activism" @ Catland Books, Brooklyn

The feminine has endured as a subversive force within the Satanic narrative for a millenia.  The complexities of the female figure, her sexuality, intelligence and power have been co-opted by the church to control and fabricate a gendered discourse which demonizes autonomous womanhood. Despite this history, modern Satanism has been primarily associated with strength, masculinity and power.  Reinforcing chauvinistic conceptions of the abilities of women, with a particular focus on male sexuality, modern Satanism has continued to emphasize traditional gender roles.  The Satanic Temple represents an evolution in Satanic philosophy which aims to dismantle archaic sexual paradigms and give voice to those who have suffered under the yoke of Satanism as a pejorative. We will explore the concept of Satanic Feminism in relation to contemporary non-theistic Satanism and discuss how this can be utilized as a catalyst for political change.

02.12.16        Ritual Performance - "Convoke: Sabbat Cycle" @ Sidewinder, Austin, TX

02.12.16        Ritual Performance - "Rebel: Sabbat Cycle" @ The Art Church, Hollywood, LA

02.10.16        Ritual Performance - "Awaken: Sabbat Cycle" @ The Jane Hotel Ballroom, New York City, NY